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Shopify Store for Sale: Discover Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores for Your Business

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a Shopify store for sale? You’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the many benefits of pre-built dropshipping stores, why they are an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, and how you can get your hands on one today.

Why Choose a Pre-Built Shopify Store?

Save Time and Effort

Setting up a Shopify store from scratch can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. With a pre-built store, you can skip the initial setup process and dive straight into selling products. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as marketing and customer service.

Professionally Designed Stores

Pre-built Shopify stores are designed by professionals with years of experience in eCommerce. This ensures that your store looks polished and professional, which will help build trust with your customers. Plus, the store’s user interface will be optimized for conversion and customer satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of making sales.

Easy to Customize

While pre-built stores come with an existing design, they are still highly customizable. You can easily change colors, fonts, images, and other elements to make the store unique to your brand. This means that you can still create a store that reflects your business’s identity without having to start from scratch.

Faster Launch

With a pre-built Shopify store, you can go live in just a few days rather than spending weeks or even months setting up a store on your own. This not only saves time but also allows you to start generating revenue more quickly.

How to Choose the Right Pre-Built Shopify Store for You

Define Your Niche & Target Market

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the niche you want to target before looking for a Shopify store for sale. Knowing your target market will enable you to find a pre-built store that caters to your customers’ needs, resulting in better sales performance.

Evaluate Store Design and Functionality

When browsing through pre-built stores, pay attention to the overall design and functionality. Look for a store that is visually appealing and user-friendly. A well-designed store can make a significant difference in attracting customers and boosting conversion rates.

Check Product Catalog

Look for pre-built stores that already have a curated product catalog, relevant to your niche. This saves time as you won’t need to source products yourself. However, make sure that the products come from reliable suppliers with good reviews to ensure customer satisfaction.

Assess Support and Training

Choose a provider that offers support, technical assistance, and training resources when you purchase a pre-built store. This is especially valuable if you are new to eCommerce, as it will help ease the transition into managing your new online store.

Benefits of Dropshipping With Shopify

No Inventory Management Required

One of the primary perks of dropshipping is that you don’t need to maintain an inventory. The supplier handles all the inventory management, including storage, packing, and shipping. This eliminates a significant operational cost for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your eCommerce business.

Lower Financial Risk

Starting a physical store requires a considerable upfront investment in inventory, which can be risky. With dropshipping, you only purchase a product from the supplier after a customer places an order. This helps you mitigate financial risk and operate with lower startup costs.

Easy Order Fulfillment Process

The dropshipping model simplifies the order fulfillment process. When a customer places an order through your Shopify store, the order details are automatically sent to your supplier. They will ship the product directly to your customer, so you don’t have to worry about packaging or shipping yourself.

Access to a Wide Range of Products

Dropshipping allows you to sell various products without having to worry about inventory space. This means that you can continually expand and diversify your product offerings, catering to different customer segments and maximizing revenue potential.

Geographic Flexibility

With dropshipping, you can run your Shopify store from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can manage your online store, connect with suppliers, and engage with customers seamlessly.

Growing Your Dropshipping Business With a Pre-Built Shopify Store

Once you’ve chosen and purchased a pre-built Shopify store, it’s essential to focus on growing your business. Here are some tips to help you scale your dropshipping store and increase revenue:

Optimize Your Store for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your store. Optimize your store’s content, including product descriptions, meta tags, and image alt text, for relevant keywords. This will help your store rank higher in search engine results, generating more traffic and sales.

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are excellent channels for promoting your dropshipping store. Share visually appealing images, engage with your audience, and run paid social ads to target potential customers within your niche effectively.

Offer Top-Notch Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is essential for retaining customers and generating positive word of mouth. Be responsive to customer inquiries, address their concerns, and ensure they have a pleasant shopping experience. This will help build trust and encourage repeat purchases.

Analyze and Optimize Your Store’s Performance

Track your store’s performance using analytics tools like Google Analytics and Shopify’s built-in analytics dashboard. Identify areas where you can improve, such as conversion rates and average order value, and implement changes accordingly. Continuously monitoring and optimizing your store will help maximize its potential.

How to Order a Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Store from Ecomprofithub

Ecomprofithub offers a selection of professionally designed, ready-to-launch Shopify dropshipping stores to make starting your eCommerce business a breeze. Here’s how to order your store today:

  1. Visit and browse through the catalog of available pre-built stores.
  2. Choose the store that best aligns with your niche and business goals.
  3. Place your order and receive confirmation from Ecomprofithub.
  4. Work with the Ecomprofithub team to customize your store, including your logo, brand colors, and domain name.
  5. Receive training resources and support from Ecomprofithub to help you successfully launch and manage your new store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Stores

How much do pre-built Shopify stores cost?

The cost of a pre-built Shopify store can vary depending on the provider and the level of customization and support included. Ecomprofithub offers affordable options for entrepreneurs, with prices starting as low as $499.

Can I still use Shopify’s add-ons and integrations with a pre-built store?

Yes, you can use the full range of Shopify add-ons and integrations with a pre-built store. This includes apps for email marketing, social proof, and inventory management, as well as integrations with popular payment gateways and shipping carriers.

What if I want to sell my pre-built Shopify store in the future?

If you decide to sell your Shopify store, you can use online marketplaces like Exchange Marketplace or Flippa to find a potential buyer. Ensure that your store is in good standing, has a history of revenue generation, and demonstrates potential for growth to attract buyers.

Can I trust the suppliers associated with my pre-built store?

Reputable providers of pre-built Shopify stores carefully vet all associated suppliers to ensure reliability and product quality. However, it’s always a good idea to do your research and communicate with your suppliers to maintain a good working relationship.

Tips for Ensuring Success with Your Pre-Built Shopify Dropshipping Store

Launching a pre-built Shopify dropshipping store is just the beginning of your eCommerce journey. To ensure your store’s success and maximize revenue potential, follow these important tips:

Stay Committed to Learning

The eCommerce landscape is constantly evolving, and being knowledgeable about the latest trends, tools, and strategies is crucial for success. Stay up to date with industry news and resources, attend webinars, join online communities, and learn from successful entrepreneurs.

Test and Iterate

Always be open to testing new strategies, products, and marketing channels. Constantly analyze your store’s performance data and use it to optimize your operations. Being agile and adaptable helps you stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on new opportunities.

Focus on Building a Strong Brand

A strong brand differentiates your store from competitors and helps build credibility with customers. Invest time in developing a clear brand identity, messaging, and customer value proposition. Consistently communicate your brand’s values and messaging through your store’s design, content, and marketing efforts.

Develop a Loyal Customer Base

Repeat customers are crucial for long-term success. Focus on building a loyal customer base by offering exceptional customer service, personalized experiences, and marketing automation campaigns. Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offers, discounts, or loyalty programs to encourage continued business.

Continuously Optimize Your Product Catalog

Regularly update and optimize your product catalog by adding new products, rotating seasonal items, and discontinuing low-performing products. This ensures that your store remains fresh and relevant to your customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.


Purchasing a pre-built Shopify store offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs looking to enter the world of eCommerce. In addition to saving time and effort, pre-built dropshipping stores come with professional designs, easy customization options, and faster launch times.

With Ecomprofithub, you can order a professionally designed, ready-to-launch Shopify dropshipping store tailored to your niche. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to grow your business and achieve success in the highly competitive dropshipping market.

Don’t wait any longer to start your eCommerce journey – order your pre-built Shopify dropshipping store today and begin your path to success!


How much does a Shopify store cost?

Shopify offers several plans to suit the needs of different businesses. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the Shopify Basic plan costs $29 per month, the Shopify plan costs $79 per month, and the Advanced Shopify plan costs $299 per month. Additionally, there’s Shopify Plus for large enterprises, the cost of which can start at around $2,000 per month. These costs are exclusive of any transaction fees, domain fees, and costs associated with additional plugins or Shopify apps.

Where can I find Shopify stores for sale?

You can find Shopify stores for sale on various online marketplaces, with one of the most popular being the Shopify Exchange Marketplace. The platform allows you to browse through a wide variety of businesses that are up for sale, ranging from small starter stores to large, profitable ones. Other platforms include Flippa, BizBuySell, and Empire Flippers.

What should I look for when buying a Shopify store?

When buying a Shopify store, there are several factors to consider. Look into the store’s financials like revenue, profits, and expenses. Examine the traffic sources and understand where customers are coming from. Analyze the customer base, including the number of repeat customers. Check the quality and reputation of suppliers if the store operates on a dropshipping model. Also, consider if the store’s products are in a niche that you’re interested in and understand.

How do I buy a Shopify store?

To buy a Shopify store, you first need to identify a suitable business that’s for sale on a platform like Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace. Once you’ve found a business you’re interested in, you can contact the seller for more information. You may want to discuss the business operations, financials, and why they’re selling. If you decide to proceed, you can negotiate the terms, agree on a price, and arrange for payment, which often is held in escrow until the transfer of ownership is completed.

What are the risks of buying a Shopify store?

Buying a Shopify store, like any other business investment, comes with risks. Some potential risks include inaccurate or misleading financial information, a sudden drop in traffic or sales after the purchase, supplier or inventory issues, and challenges in managing the business if you’re unfamiliar with the product niche or the e-commerce platform. It’s also important to note that some industries may face higher risk due to changing market trends and consumer behavior. Therefore, it’s always recommended to conduct thorough due diligence before making a purchase.

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